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-- FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves
FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves

FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves


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Material : Hshm-PE fiber ,Stainless steel

Power :

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Consulting Product Information

FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves Description

Gloves model   FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves
European standard EN388, Ministry of Public Security standard GA2008

anti-cut  class5 class

Tough coefficient 3 class

Resist tearing coefficient4 class


 60%Hshm-PE fiber

30%Stainless steel

  6% Dacron

 4% Tautness line


1.Featuring anti-cut performanceWear resistance and resistance-tearing performance, can effectively protect people not to be cut with a sharp knife, etc.;

2.Using hshm-PE fiber coated steel wire braided gloves, material non-toxic, easy to wear off, good permeability, fingers curved flexible; at the same time, each part of the glove has a steel wire cable, which from the outside but can't see the wire, worn on the hands of the feeling is very soft, but do not feel the existence of the wire, the hand of every parts are in steel wire cable package, the hands of security supported by effective protection.

3.The life of gloves is 500 times of the ordinary cotton gloves , while at the same time have the performance that General gloves don’t exsit with anti-cut performance, normally use 2 months do not need to change gloves .

4.Cleaning ways: using the washing liquid immersedand lightly rubbed,  It as good as new one after drying.  

5.This product can be used in police protective equipment for taming, arrestting criminal suspects and detering other criminal acts to provide protection against police hand .Products specific to the tool or other sharp objects opponent of protection within the cutting of protection, not protection tip or other sharp object aspiration. 

6.Anti-cut performance is good, you can cut, abrasion resistance, resistance to tearing, flexible operation, slip resistant, breathable, also applies to the slaughtering and processing, mechanical manufacturing industry, construction industry, glass handling, metal sheet processing 


Hshm-PE fiber is one of the world's largest high-performance fiber (carbon fiber, Kevlar and hshm-PE fiber) , it has the highest fiber strength, its basic characteristics as follows:

High strength: 10 times strengther than high-quality steel    

High modulus: second only to premium carbon fiber;      

Low density: less than 1, can float on water.



FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves Features and Detalls

FGT-09 Cut-Resistant Gloves PastFGT-08 Cut-Resistant Gloves
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